28 Seven Gods Walk – Motosumiyoshi

This is a 10.9KM walk around Motosumiyoshi. You can find the map here:

This was a long, long walk and previously I had biked 50km, so maybe I wasn’t in the best mood for this walk…but it felt really long. And now I am soooo tired I can barely write this.

I didn’t find anything about Motosumiyoshi on the web, or about Kawasaki..just lots of motorbikes.

On with the walk shall we. The first temple is quite close to the station…oh and if you are hungry there are lots of places to eat by the station before you set off. I had an avocado freshness burger and it wasn’t!

So, the first temple is the home of Hotei.

IMG_1744 IMG_1745  IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748IMG_1750 IMG_1752

I think this used to be a lovely shrine in days gone by, but the close proximity of a school and a car park detracts a little from the ambience. Just a note, it was a very bright day which made taking pictures a bit tricky at times.

The second stop is about 3km away according to the book, but Google maps makes it shorter, but not by much. This stop is the home of Jurojin.

IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1759

I liked this shrine/temple there was even a little hut to sit in with a drink and a sandwich. Whoever is encased in the stupa must be pretty important or well loved.

The next part of the walk went along Tama River which was nice. I even saw a Welsh Collie!


The third stop is dedicated to Ebisu.

IMG_1762 IMG_1769 IMG_1768 IMG_1767 IMG_1763 IMG_1765 IMG_1764

This is the actual shrine. Many of the shrines were open on this walk as I went on 13th January…luckily after all the crowds of new year..but I got caught in another kind of crowd which you will see later.

On to stop number four, dedicated to Daikoku the man with the magical hammer. It is a lovely, quaint temple with a great gate. The statues are in full view and not behind any wires or glass.

IMG_1771 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1775 IMG_1779 IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782 IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1787 IMG_1785


I love these covered walkways.

On the way to stop number five you will walk past Todoroki Ryokuchi which is a large sports area and happens to be near a city hall or museum. Plus close to the home of Kawasaki Fontale. I chose to do the walk on a public holiday..coming of age day! So there were tens or hundred of 20-year-olds all dressed up, you can read more about that special day here.


Ok on with the walk, stop number five dedicated to Bishamonten..GGGRRRRRR …since 1573 and it has a lovely red tiled wall and gate.

IMG_1804 IMG_1805

IMG_1792 IMG_1793 IMG_1794 IMG_1796

No Hotei…I am looking for Bishamonten

IMG_1797 Have you seen him?

IMG_1800 There you are!


These kinds of statues make me a little sad 😦

The next stop left you in no doubt what-so-ever about who it was dedicated to….Benzaiten galore! Apparently since 1520, so she has had time to settle in and invite some friends for tea.

IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1818 IMG_1817

Last stop, last stop!!! and it is close to a station..score!

Thank you Fukurokuju, that is lucky. But the book only has the date 1966, which was a fantastic year, but really?? Only been here since then?

IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1826

Thank you seven gods…just two to go!!! A little excited.


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